The Poet

Book launch of “OCHUN: Watah Poetry Anthology (Book I)”

Lynx Sainte-Marie is a disabled/chronically ill, non-binary/genderfluid, Afro+Goth Poet of the Jamaican diaspora with ancestral roots indigenous to Africa and the British Isles, living on stolen Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee and Huron-Wendat land (Greater Toronto Area).

A writer, multimedium artist, activist, educator, admin creator and community builder, Lynx’s work and art is informed by Black feminism(s), collective community love and social, disability and healing justice movements. As a person with various intersections and experiences, Lynx identifies with the struggles and politics of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC), queer and trans people, femmes, bois, gender nonconforming communities, crips, spoonies and survivors of abuse and intergenerational trauma.

Lynx has travelled throughout Canada performing poetry, developing and facilitating workshops, presenting on panels and lecturing at colleges, universities, conferences and various other spaces where it is welcome to think critically and interrogate structural oppression. Lynx has consulted for a number organizations, sits on various committees - both nationally and internationally -  and has had the opportunity to train and educate a plethora of individuals (i.e. social service providers, artists, sex educators, high school and post-secondary students, school faculty and administration) on intersectionality, anti-oppression, queer and trans communities, gender diversity, accessibility and safety, creative arts, love and relationships on the margins, allyship and much, much more.

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Private: Up&Coming

Upcoming Appearances

2016, November 5, Boston, MA. Disability x Intersectionality Summit.
Presenter: Further Beyond the Pavement: Disability, Healing Justice and Cultures of Care in Black, Indigenous, People of Colour Activist Communities.

2016, November 13, Toronto, ON. Naked Heart Festival: An LGBTQ Festival of Words.
Featured Reader: Poetic Devices, ,tellthebell survey.

2016, November 13, Toronto, ON. Naked Heart: An LGBTQ Festival of Words.
Panelist: The Futility and Fertility of Shame.

2016, November 17, Toronto, ON. University of Toronto.
Guest Lecturer: NEW349H1F: Disability and Representation.

2016, November 23, Toronto, ON. Ryerson University.
Guest Lecturer: DST 508: Cripping the Arts in Canada

Recent Appearances

2016, October 22, Oshawa, ON. Robert McLaughlin Gallery.
Guest Artist: Images in Our Heads: Speakers Forum.

2016, September 19th, Toronto, ON. University of Toronto.
Guest Lecturer: PHT 1001Y & PHT 1002: Introduction & Cardiorespiratory and Exercise Physical Therapy Practice

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Current Values

 (A Continuous Work in Progress)

  • To create art & other works that challenge and decentralize oppressive narratives i.e. colonialism, white supremacy, racism, colourism/shadeism, ableism, cisheterpatriarchy and sexism (to name a few).
  • To seek out individuals, space(s), opportunities & ideologies that affirm their existence as a person with complex experiences and various intersections.
  • To believe in the epistemological value of our lived experiences of abuse, marginalization & isolation, regardless of whether these experiences are spoken about at length in academic settings.
  • To use their words in ways that support community building, truth-seeking & love.
  •  To push against narratives of shame and respectability, narratives that seek to isolate and  negate the stories of marginalized.
  • To engage critically with the world on intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • To strive to live authentically in ways that feel good for them, all the while forgiving and being gentle with themselves when it isn’t safe to do so.